Update Alpha:

Aldrian_Emrys LOT OwnerStaff posted Jun 24, 18
Land of Turais
( lænd əv tɜraɪz )
[ Le - and of Tur - rize ]
Development Stage [ Alpha ]

As it is the first official Land of Turais post and update I will start with a:

Good HELLO to you,

Land of Turais is currently looking for applicants, though not all applications are completely finished. As such, we will edit this post when each on is finished, so thank you and reach out to myself; Aldrian_Emrys, or Dumbmunch via Discord or Enjin about applying!

Staff we are looking for:

--> Lore Writers <--
( Application Form is finished! )
This role is involved in writing the story of Land of Turais. Lore Writers will be highly coveted in this server, for the storyline will not just be some random questline full of tangents... We have a full story/novel planned for each player to go on as the main character of the novel.

--> Builders <--
( Application Form is finished! )
This role takes on the job of incorporating complex builds into the custom world, as to serve as a base location for where the lore takes place.

--> Developers <--
( Application Form is finished! )
This role is primarily taking on the battle of the background and foreground of the servers plugins and item issues. Working hand and hand with the admins and owner, any member of this role will serve as an admin to the server.

--> Designers <--
This role finds its great solace in creating the in-game items, such as weapons, outfits, textures, wands, effects, and more.

--> Media Team Members <--
This role works in a team with the administrators and some designers to produce advertisements and updates in the forms of video trailers, animations, and live streams.

Owner Contact Information for Discord:
Aʟᴅʀɪᴀɴ Eᴍʀʏs ♞#1030

Hello, my name is Aldrian_Emrys and I am the owner of Land of Turais. The Digital Penquin, MMORPG original server. I am proud to announce the re continuation of this project, along with the revamping of the original world lore. The network we have built has had the pleasure and patience to take our time with this project in particular, as I will not release it until I feel the full story we want to create can be published. The adventure we want to go on is one of mystique, exploration, trouble, obstacles, and friendship, so without further ado, here is our Land of Turais.