Our Progress

Peculiarityy DP Web Dev posted Sun at 17:21

Dear DigitalPenquin Members

The staff team of DP has been working on a great many projects, going to school, enjoying the personal adventures of life and/or taking our given breaks that come to life. However, with this said, we are at most gamers, players, and at most, adventurers. We truly wish to have DPHogwarts up now, yesterday and forever more, but we ran into many bumps in the road that delayed our progress, so with some re-work.

We have multiple projects with many different teams and a set bunch of veteran staff that merge in between them, then some server projects that have an entirely new team and we welcome them to the network! Digital Penquin is taking on a lot of projects not to hold up progress on others, but to make the community this promise - We have been down for far too long, we are going to be up soon and should have a release date set for at the very least DPHogwarts by the end of March; however, we will come back better and happier than we were. The servers that roll out one after the other will continue to expand your adventure in the worlds and fantasies we all love.