Breaking our roots

Peculiarityy DP Web Dev posted Mon at 22:27

As a server develops changes are made in order to continuously expand the community as well as keep the environment an upbeat and positive place. Digital PenQuin started off just like that. Digital PenQuin was created sometime in the spring of 2013 and allowed us to expand and focus on other projects while still holding true to our roots. However, our vision and focus have been shifting over these past few months. Along with this, we brought new ideas, Fantasy Adventure. This allowed our main focus to be on what the players want as well as be known primarily for our work on there. With the grand opening just around the corner, we would love to have your continued amazing support! We cannot open without you and we are so lucky to have a tremendously dedicated community. We love you!

W H A T   A B O U T   D P   H O G W A R T S?

For those who purchased ranks through our store for DP Hogwarts, be rest assured that those will now cross over to Digital PenQuin's updates. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will continue your support for us on Digital PenQuin The three ranks that were created for DPH will be aligned with the ranks for DP. Below you can see the correlation between each rank. The ranks on Digital PenQuin all are monetarily equivalent to the ranks on DP Hogwarts.